What are the new innovations in million-dollar tourbillon watches?

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What are the new innovations in million-dollar tourbillon watches?

[Watch Recommendation] As one of the traditional three major complications, the tourbillon was originally invented to counteract the effects of gravity on watch components. However, with the advancement of watchmaking technology, the practicality of the tourbillon has become less important to watch enthusiasts, who now place more value on its appreciation and rarity, making it a sought-after collectible for collectors. Below, we have selected three new tourbillon watches with a price tag in the million-dollar range for a brief introduction.

Ulysse Nardin BLAST Series 1760-401-3A/3A

Model number: 1760-401-3A/3A
Domestic price: CNY 1,031,700
Case diameter: 45mm
Movement type: Manual mechanical
Movement model: UN-176
Case material: 18k white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
More details: https://www.xbiao.com/yadian/97904/

Watch review: Ulysse Nardin has been releasing new watches frequently this year, especially in August and September. They introduced the BLAST Flying Tourbillon watch, which represents the continuation of the brand’s legendary silicon technology and material technology. The new version maintains the suspended design language of the original 2019 model, with the movement cleverly hidden and the watch components appearing to be floating on the dial. The main change in this watch is the use of the BLAST case, combining a 45mm white gold case with the intricate beveled surfaces that BLAST is known for, shining and luxurious. The dial also applies Ulysse Nardin’s pride and joy, silicon, as the material for the dial, combining it with exquisite inlay work, showcasing the fusion of technology and art. Silicon itself produces a rainbow effect when exposed to light, and after Ulysse Nardin’s polishing and matting treatments, the entire silicon dial exhibits subtle changes in light and shadow when illuminated. The flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock on the dial uses a silicon anchor escapement, which is completely different from traditional escapement mechanisms. Ulysse Nardin relies on a circular silicon frame and a spring design for the silicon escapement lever, allowing both to bend when under pressure. This utilizes the excellent constant elasticity of silicon to directly drive the escapement mechanism, ensuring a constant output of the balance wheel, unaffected by the power reserve state of the watch.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Series IW329901

Model number: IW329901
Domestic price: CNY 1,023,000
Case diameter: 43mm
Case thickness: 14.6mm
Movement type: Automatic mechanical
Movement model: 82905
Case material: Platinum
Water resistance: 100 meters
More details: https://www.xbiao.com/iwc/98122/

Watch review: Recently, IWC released the new “MARKUS BÜHLER” Large Pilot’s Watch reissue, also known as the Turbo Big Pilot among watch enthusiasts. One of the highlights of this new watch is the upgrade of the original airplane turbine-shaped small seconds hand into a flying tourbillon. For such a turbine-shaped tourbillon frame, the choice of materials is especially important to ensure lightness and avoid excessive energy consumption. Therefore, the designer of the MARKUS Turbo Big Pilot chose a five-grade titanium alloy for the turbine, making the entire tourbillon device composed of 56 components with a weight of only 0.663 grams. Processing titanium alloy is already difficult, and when combined with small and geometrically shaped fan blades, it becomes even more complex and time-consuming. Nevertheless, there are already real-life pictures available on the internet, showing that IWC has still achieved superb craftsmanship in the polishing and finishing of both the fan blade frame and the entire movement. As for other details of the watch, compared to the original version, the new version of the Turbo Big Pilot has some adjustments despite maintaining the same design language. The original version was already distinctive, but relatively traditional in terms of configuration, with a steel case and the classic 46mm size of the Big Pilot. It served as the foundation with a pilot’s tool watch. The new version, on the other hand, first chooses a more wearable 43mm size that is not so “traditional”. It also has some adjustments in the details, with the use of platinum as the case material and delicate finishing of both the case and movement, highlighting the watch’s luxurious attributes.

Hublot MP Series 913.NX.1170.RX

Model number: 913.NX.1170.RX
Domestic price: CNY 1,160,000
Case diameter: 44mm
Case thickness: 16.7mm
Movement type: Manual mechanical
Movement model: HUB6200
Case material: Titanium
Water resistance: 30 meters
More details: https://www.xbiao.com/hublot/96411/

Watch review: Lastly, let me introduce a new Hublot watch that I personally like, the MP-13. The watch has a skeletonized dial, with the upper half displaying the jumping hours and minutes using two arc-shaped scales, and the outer ring indicating the 60-minute scale, while the inner ring displays the 12-hour scale. The lower half features a double-axis tourbillon. Hublot has added a double-axis structure to the flying tourbillon, enabling this traditional complex function to move in a three-dimensional manner instead of just a flat plane. The first axis still completes one rotation every 60 seconds, while the second axis, which drives the entire tourbillon, completes one rotation every 30 seconds. To further highlight the charm of the double-axis tourbillon, Hublot has put a lot of effort into the skeleton structure and movement finishing, significantly reducing the size of the tourbillon components. The openworked structure allows light to easily penetrate the tourbillon movement, and combined with the contoured shape of the titanium case and sapphire crystal glass, the wearer can appreciate the beauty of the double-axis tourbillon from the front, sides, and back.

Summary: The prices of these three tourbillon watches are all in the million-dollar range. Ulysse Nardin has once again used technology to achieve art with its continuous research and development of materials, complementing the suspended design of the silicon inlay dial and the floating parts of the free wheel. My evaluation of this watch is simple: it is a modern mechanical work of art. As for the IWC Turbo Big Pilot, this piece was already highly regarded and sought after by watch enthusiasts around the world. Many still consider it the iconic work of the IWC Pilot’s Watch series. With the upgrade of the turbine-shaped second hand to a tourbillon, this new version has taken the Pilot’s Watch to a whole new level. Hublot’s new MP-13 has been introduced a few times to watch enthusiasts before. In my opinion, its combination of retrograde displays and double-axis tourbillon perfectly demonstrates Hublot’s concept of “The Art of Fusion” in terms of functionality and design.

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