Zenith Defy Skyline, More Than Just Ice Blue

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Zenith Defy Skyline, More Than Just Ice Blue

[Watch Appreciation] From a young age, I have never limited myself based on my gender and I do not adhere to societal expectations of what activities are appropriate for men and women. Instead, I do what I want to do, what I enjoy doing. In choosing a watch, I also prefer larger men’s watches, just like what Yang Ziqiong said, “Watches are not just simple timekeeping tools, and I do not agree that women can only wear delicate watches.”

I have seen quite a few ice-blue dials, starting from the platinum Daytona which soared in popularity and became the new favorite among young people. Now, both high-end luxury brands and affordable brands offer watches with ice-blue dials.

The Zenith Defy Skyline ice-blue dial watch truly embodies the cool and icy feeling. To be honest, it is quite difficult to find a watch with similar specifications in this price range. This is the Zenith Defy Skyline ice-blue dial watch (model: 03.9300.3620/15.I001), my favorite luxury sports watch.
The ups and downs in its history

It is well known that Audemars Piguet has always been regarded as the pioneer of luxury sports watches, but few people know that Zenith Defy Skyline actually predates the birth of the Royal Oak prototype in 1972 by three years. The A3642, which was launched in 1969, was avant-garde and youthful, and it was explosively popular at that time.
However, in the same year, Zenith released the world’s first high-frequency chronograph movement El Primero, and the brand shifted its focus to this development. The A3642 was discontinued after a short life span… Even when it was reintroduced in 2006, it didn’t last long. This journey reminded me of myself. I often see someone learning something new due to certain circumstances, and their path takes a different direction. But for me, my desire for a higher quality of life led me to explore the fields of watches, floral art, and jewelry. Surprisingly, I discovered a broader world. The resonance between Zenith Defy and me lies in the fact that after a brief detour, I finally found the path that suits me. In 2018, Defy set sail again, and at this time, everything was in the right place. This ice-blue dial watch has undergone a dazzling transformation that almost made me not recognize it.

Attention to detail

The version we are reviewing today comes with a 41mm stainless steel case, and its overall design is clearly inspired by the 1969 Defy. This ice-blue dial Defy has a flatter design, with a large brushed surface on the case and polished edges, giving it a more sporty and fashionable look. The octagonal case and twelve-sided bezel are extremely rare among mainstream Swiss watch brands.
It comes in two sizes, 41mm and 36mm, both with a water resistance of 100 meters. In the past, the majority of Defy models were made of ceramics, titanium, and carbon fiber, which made them harder to obtain. With the introduction of luxury sports steel models, the entry threshold has been lowered while maintaining the same specifications. If you want to find a watch with similar specifications in this price range, it will be quite difficult.

Taking a closer look at the three-dimensional four-pointed star pattern on the dial, it is composed of “double Z”. This is because Zenith’s logo in the 1960s was a four-pointed star, not the current five-pointed star, paying homage to history in a subtle way. The small seconds sub-dial has a record-like texture, and the second hand rotates once every ten seconds, providing a more enjoyable experience.

When you zoom in on the dial of this watch, the ice-blue color is beautifully modulated. When we saw the actual watch, we all loved it. It exudes a sense of mystery and coolness.
Sometimes I wonder, how do we measure the quality of unconventional and conventional products? What are the defining standards?
Then I realized that it is about whether, without any external influence, it can be liked by most people.
The unconventional products I often come across, such as jade with a blue-green color, are bestowed with their characteristics by nature, making them even more beautiful than blue. On the other hand, watches are conventional products with model numbers, styles, and fixed sizes, without the addition of nature’s touch. To make them look exceptionally beautiful, it requires a lot of human effort in design and color matching. It is difficult to please everyone, so it is a more challenging task to make most people like it.
Zenith Defy Skyline ice-blue dial watch is a refreshing color. Who says that “green is bluer than blue”? That’s because the blue you have seen is not as beautiful!

The screw-down stainless steel crown is engraved with Zenith’s classic three-dimensional five-pointed star logo. With a water resistance of 100 meters, it easily meets daily needs.

Upon closer inspection of the luminescent display, the small seconds hand, hour markers, and hands, which rotate every ten seconds, are all coated with Superluminova SLNC1 luminescent coating.

The feeling I get from this watch movement is first attracted by the hollowed-out star-shaped bi-directional rotor, which is large enough to capture attention. This unique design brings a cool feeling that can only be discovered by flipping the watch, truly a low-key luxury. It is equipped with the El Primero 3620 automatic mechanical movement, providing a power reserve of 60 hours and a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. As we all know, Zenith’s flagship technology is the 1/10th of a second chronograph function, which is why the brand is known as the “technological leader in chronograph watches”. However, not everyone needs a chronograph function. For someone like me who loves both luxury sports and the 1/10th of a second technology, the direct drive of the 1/10th of a second hand by the escapement mechanism is truly tailor-made for me! The movement also has a hacking seconds function, making time adjustment even more precise.

The performance of the bracelet surprised me. In addition to the large brushed stainless steel bracelet, the brand also provides a soft rubber strap in the same color. The quick release function is very convenient, allowing you to change the style anytime, anywhere. Moreover, this blue strap features the same starry pattern, providing us with various choices that enhance both our outfits and practicality. This is truly a customer-centric approach.


Everyone has different criteria for choosing a watch. Some people only look at the brand, some people study its history, and some people prefer versatility. However, all the different reasons for buying a watch can be summarized into just a few words: it feels right. In the vast river of history, our individual experiences are just a drop in the ocean. When we slice through these brilliant years, we discover the preciousness of having a watch that has accompanied us for a long time.

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