These Watches Offer Configurations That Are “Top Notch” in the Million-Dollar Range.

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These Watches Offer Configurations That Are “Top Notch” in the Million-Dollar Range.

[Watch Talk] The price of ten thousand yuan is the watershed between popular brands and luxury brands. In the past, watches under ten thousand yuan mostly focused on appearance design, with weak materials and movement performance. However, we are delighted to see that in recent years, many new watches priced at around ten thousand yuan have begun to focus on configuration, showing a strong “upgrading” trend. Below are several products priced at about ten thousand yuan that have sufficient configuration.

In the past, ceramic bezels were exclusive to luxury dive watches. With the advancement and maturity of technology, this material has gradually become popular in dive watches below ten thousand yuan. The Tissot “Ceramic Sea Turtle,” which mainly features a ceramic bezel, is such a product. This is another ceramic bezel dive watch launched by the brand after the second generation DS PH200M in 2020.

The Ceramic Sea Turtle continues the “family-style design” of the DS Action series, including the brand’s signature turtle pattern engraved on the case back. This watch has a 43mm diameter, which also enhances its recognition. In addition to the regular stainless steel case, the series also includes a titanium model, known as the “Ceramic Titanium Turtle.”

Titanium has many advantages such as lightweight, high impact resistance, and strong corrosion resistance, which perfectly meet the requirements of dive watches. Moreover, its high hypoallergenicity makes it more skin-friendly and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

In terms of performance, the Ceramic (Titanium) Turtle has a water resistance of up to 300 meters, meeting the ISO 6425 professional dive watch certification standards. It is equipped with the new generation Powermatic 80 movement based on ETA Caliber C07.611, which has a power reserve of 80 hours and features a metal escapement and Nivachron antimagnetic balance spring. The number of jewel bearings has also been increased from 23 to 25 compared to the previous model.

At the same time, Tissot has launched a brand new Star series watch this year, featuring a forged carbon fiber case. Carbon fiber, as a new material, is favored by many high-end and luxurious watches with a cool style due to its light weight and strong toughness. The advantage of the Tissot Star series is that it is priced at only 7800 yuan, making “high-end materials popular.”

The Tissot Star series is positioned as a sailing sports watch, with a reliable water resistance of 300 meters. The design of this new watch is inspired by a piece called “S Star” launched by the brand in the 1970s and adds vitality to the wrist through distinct color combinations. You can see that the black unidirectional rotating bezel has a 60-minute scale and strengthens the countdown for the last 10 minutes of yacht timing.

The watch is equipped with the Tissot Powermatic 80 automatic movement. Unlike the ETA movement used in the “Ceramic Sea Turtle,” the Tissot Powermatic 80 movement corresponds to the genuine model C07.111, with 23 jewel bearings and a non-metal escapement. However, this does not affect the fact that this watch is still a relatively easy-to-find carbon fiber watch at the moment.

In the ten thousand yuan watch market, Mido also occupies an important share. In terms of configuration, the Commander series chronometer certified watch shows sincerity in both appearance design and movement parameters. This watch features a slim bezel with a slightly raised crystal, and the edges are inclined at a certain angle, making the front dial highly visible and giving a strong sense of presence.

The Commander series chronometer certified watch was first introduced in 2015 and is still a star product in the current lineup. This watch is known as the “second generation” due to its distinction from the first-generation Commander watch launched in 2012, which had a solid case back and was equipped with the ETA 2836-2 movement. Since its release, the public price of the “second generation” has undergone several adjustments, with the leather strap version currently priced at 10,500 yuan and the stainless steel strap version at 11,000 yuan.

The biggest highlight of this watch is the inclusion of the CALIBER 80 long-power movement certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), with a day of the week calendar display function. The brand has meticulously decorated this movement, allowing the delicate finishing of the bridge and the blue screws to be observed through the case back.

In addition to the aforementioned watches, there are many ten thousand yuan watches that have excellent configurations. They have many remarkable features in terms of appearance design, materials, and movement parameters. Due to the limited space, I can only select several representative ones that I personally think are worth noting. In terms of dive watches, the Ceramic (Titanium) Turtle by Tissot is on par with higher-end models and has no significant shortcomings in the same price range. The Tissot Star series introduces forged carbon fiber as a new material, achieving “high-end material popularization” with its affordable price and 300-meter water resistance. The highlight of the Mido Commander series chronometer certified watch lies in its high aesthetics and meticulously finished movement certified by COSC, which adds more competitiveness to this watch.

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