Don’t Miss Out on This Gorgeous Watch Priced at Over 50,000!

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Don’t Miss Out on This Gorgeous Watch Priced at Over 50,000!

[Watch Video] If you were to ask what color was the hottest for watches in the past couple of years, it would definitely be ice blue. All the major watch brands have been launching their own ice blue dial watches, and they have garnered quite a bit of attention. Among them, the ones that people most want to buy are probably Rolex’s “Ice Blue Daytona” or “Ice Blue DD” series, but let’s not talk about the price for now, as they are not easy to come by. Apart from Rolex, there is another watch that has once again pushed the popularity of ice blue dials to new heights, and compared to Rolex, this watch is relatively easier to get your hands on. Can you guess which watch I’m talking about? Don’t worry, follow the video and let’s find out together.

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Hello everyone, in 2013, Rolex’s platinum shell Daytona 116506 was introduced, bringing ice blue dials into the player’s view. Due to its combination with a platinum case, the ice blue dial became the most popular and prestigious color combination among luxury watches. However, at that time, just like the platinum models such as Rolex’s “Ice Blue Daytona” and “Ice Blue DD”, the high price of platinum case and bracelet made it difficult to acquire, and despite the hype, there were very few players who could actually own an ice blue dial watch.

Breguet’s new TOPTIME Chronograph, ice blue dial

Since 2020, ice blue dials have once again gained popularity, but this time, the spotlight is not on Rolex, but on Breguet.

In 2020, the hype around Rolex reached its peak, and the price of the Ice Blue Daytona exceeded 900,000, making it unattainable for most. It was at this time that Breguet suddenly introduced a “special” ice blue dial mechanical chronograph. With an ice blue dial and a platinum bezel, at a time when the ice blue platinum combination seemed unattainable, the introduction of this Breguet watch instantly attracted the attention of players.

Rolex Ice Blue Daytona (left) and Breguet Ice Blue Chronograph (right)

The reason I say this ice blue chronograph is “special” is because compared to regular mechanical chronographs, this ice blue dial stands out. It not only replaces the steel bezel of regular models with a platinum one, but also deviates from the use of the iconic “bullet bracelet” and instead uses a rubber strap.

Breguet Ice Blue Chronograph with platinum bezel

Breguet’s ice blue chronograph took a precise step. With a steel case but a platinum bezel, it created the combination of ice blue and platinum. The polished platinum bezel is very shiny, creating a clear contrast with the steel case. Additionally, the watch features a rubber strap that gives it a vibe reminiscent of a “rubber strap Daytona”. With the B01 movement and a public price of over 70,000, it is very reasonably priced. The ice blue chronograph made a precise entry into the market in 2020, and besides Rolex and other hyped watches, it was one of the strongest performing luxury watches at the time. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was one of the highest performing Breguet watches in the past 10 years.

Breguet Ice Blue Chronograph with platinum bezel, equipped with the B01 automatic chronograph movement

This year, another “hot-selling” ice blue Breguet has arrived.

This year (2023), Breguet has launched a new “Ice Blue” TOPTIME with a public price of 55,800.

Breguet’s new TOPTIME Chronograph, ice blue dial

The TOPTIME series was originally Breguet’s series in the 1960s, targeted at young people with a focus on cost-effectiveness. In 2020, Breguet revived the TOPTIME series with a focus on automotive and motorcycle collaborations. The “Ice Blue” TOPTIME is a collaboration between Breguet and British motorcycle brand Triumph. The new “Ice Blue” TOPTIME for this year is an upgraded version of the 2022 model, featuring Breguet’s in-house B01 movement and inheriting the iconic “Zorro” dial from the TOPTIME series. The “Ice Blue Zorro” can be said to be the “beauty king” of the current Breguet TOPTIME watches.

Breguet TOPTIME Ice Blue dial, a collaboration with Triumph motorcycles.

The dial of Breguet’s “Ice Blue” TOPTIME is divided by intersecting lines, forming a pattern that closely resembles the “Zorro” mask on the dial. The “Zorro” mask is treated with grains. The rest of the dial features vertical brushing, creating a contrast of light and dark. The “Zorro” mask may not be very noticeable under certain lighting angles, so you need to move your wrist to change the angle. One detail is that the black tachymeter scale on the outermost ring is connected to the “Zorro mask” at the 95 to 70 mark, also in ice blue.

New TOPTIME Ice Blue in combination with the “Zorro” dial.

One of the unique features of Breguet TOPTIME is its “round-square” sub-dials. The sub-dials are slightly recessed and have a record-like decoration. The symmetrical sub-dials include a 30-minute chronograph at 3 o’clock and a small seconds hand at 9 o’clock. The watch features Breguet’s retro cursive logo, and above the 6 o’clock position on the dial, there is the Triumph motorcycles logo. The narrow bezel, together with the raised box-shaped sapphire crystal, further enhances the “ice blue” effect. Once you wear this watch, the effect is outstanding.

The “round-square” sub-dials are a major feature of Breguet TOPTIME.

The dial features the Triumph motorcycles logo.

The 2022 version of the old Ice Blue TOPTIME had a thicker case due to the use of a generic movement, the B23, which is an ETA7750/SW500. The new Ice Blue TOPTIME, after switching to Breguet’s in-house B01 chronograph movement, has a slightly thinner case, measuring 13.3 mm. The front of the case is polished, the sides are brushed, and it has mushroom-shaped pushers, giving the watch a strong retro style. With its 41mm size, it is relatively versatile and suitable for various wrist sizes. It also has a water resistance of 100 meters, which is reliable.

With the switch to the B01 movement, the thickness has decreased from the old model.

The Breguet B01 movement is well-known to everyone. With a column wheel and vertical clutch, it operates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of 70 hours. It is chronometer certified with a daily accuracy of -4/+6 seconds. The B01 movement used in the new Ice Blue TOPTIME has some differences in the polishing decoration compared to other Breguet models. The B01 movement in the Ice Blue TOPTIME has a brushed finish on the automatic rotor and mainplate. On other B01 models from Breguet, the automatic rotor and upper bridge have Geneva stripe decoration. Although the decoration on the Ice Blue TOPTIME’s B01 movement is all brushed, it brings “competitive” pricing to the TOPTIME series.

Breguet’s new TOPTIME Chronograph with B01 movement, all brushed finish.

The new Ice Blue TOPTIME, priced at 55,800, is very competitive among watches in the same price range. Automatic chronograph watches in the same price range, such as Omega’s Supermaster/Semaster with the 9300/9900 movements, IWC Portugieser Chronograph, Panerai Luminor Chrono, and Zenith El Primero Chronograph, are all priced at over 60,000 or 70,000. At this level, there are not many automatic chronograph watches priced at just over 50,000.

Breguet’s new TOPTIME Chronograph, ice blue dial.

With its price of just over 50,000, the ice blue aesthetics and the quality of the watch, this TOPTIME Chronograph is definitely a watch that should be “prioritized” among current Breguet models. Well, that’s all for today’s show. Goodbye.

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