Must-Have Versatile Wristwatch for Elegant Women: 6,800 Yuan

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Must-Have Versatile Wristwatch for Elegant Women: 6,800 Yuan

[Watch Review] Recently, many of my female friends have been asking me for recommendations on women’s watches. It’s clear that nowadays many women’s attention to accessories is not limited to bracelets and rings, but they have started to have a certain demand for watches. After all, compared to other accessories, watches not only serve as decorations but also have timekeeping functions, highlighting personal style without stealing the spotlight. So, if you are buying a watch, how should you choose the first one? Today, let me recommend a mechanical watch that is very suitable for sophisticated women to wear.

Real shot of the watch:

The watch we are reviewing today is from Tissot’s classic watch series, the Durur series. Tissot Durur series watches are watches with special meaning for the brand. It is named after the street where Tissot’s first watchmaking factory was located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, which was established in 1907. The company has stood on this street for a hundred years. So, whether in terms of significance or design, this series of watches fully reflects the long history of Tissot watches.

The watch is made of stainless steel and has a PVD rose gold coating on the surface, giving the whole watch a sense of precious metal. The diameter of the watch is 34 millimeters, and the thickness is 10.47 millimeters. This size is not a burden for most women to wear. Whether it is paired with daily commute outfits or formal attire, it can be easily held.

The side of the watch is equipped with a delicate and small stainless steel crown, and the surface is coated with PVD rose gold. There are anti-slip grooves around it, and the top is engraved with the iconic “T” logo of Tissot. As a brand with a hundred years of watchmaking experience, Tissot’s attention to detail is very well-regarded among watches of the same price range.

The watch features an arched glass and a white dial with a vintage style. Under the light, the arched glass reflects a glossy shine, making the white dial more round and soft.

When we zoom in on the dial, we can see that the brand has given the dial a radial pattern brushed treatment, making the white dial more textured. The hands and hour markers are in rose gold, echoing the color of the case, injecting a splendid color into the monochromatic watch.

At the 6 o’clock position on the dial, there is a calendar display window, increasing the practicality of the watch. At the bottom, it is engraved with the “SWISSMADE” Swiss-made mark, as well as the Durur series name and the POWERMATIC80 word above the calendar window, representing the watch is equipped with the POWERMATIC80 automatic winding movement.

As mentioned earlier, this watch is equipped with the Powermatic 80 movement, which is characterized by a power reserve of 80 hours. The transparent case back of the Durur series allows everyone to intuitively appreciate the charm of the movement.

The watch strap is equipped with a quick release system, which can be easily removed without the need for tools, making it convenient to replace the strap and meet various daily matching needs.

The watch is paired with a pure white leather strap, decorated with a warm texture. The Rose gold buckle is engraved with the Tissot “T” logo, simple and generous, yet gentle and powerful.

In summary, white is a classic color that is versatile and never goes wrong, but sometimes it can be perceived as too simple and monotonous. However, this Durur series watch is adorned with simple patterns on its white dial and strap, making the simple white more textured. Paired with the rose gold case, hour markers, and hands, the watch shines elegantly and avant-garde, versatile and fashionable.

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