Recommendations for buying three super clone watches with a diameter of less than 40 mm in 2024

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Recommendations for buying three super clone watches with a diameter of less than 40 mm in 2024


Fashion trends are cyclical, and the resurgence of the “small diameter” design in watches reflects this timeless appeal. With meticulous shell designs and elegant colors, smaller timepieces are making a comeback in the market. In this guide, we present three superb super clone watches with diameters below 40mm, offering exquisite craftsmanship and fashionable style for discerning enthusiasts.

1.The Longines Sports Series:

Product Model: L3.410.4.93.6

Diameter: 37mm

Thickness: 11.70mm

Movement Type: Automatic

Movement Model: L888.4

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Water Resistance: 100 meters

The Longines sports series features a refined stainless steel case with a diameter of 37mm, catering to individuals with smaller wrists. The blue dial adorned with sun patterns exudes elegance and mystery, while the luminous-coated hands ensure legibility even in dark environments. With flight watch standard fonts and stick-shaped hands, this timepiece offers both style and functionality.

2.The Rado Captain Cook Series:

Product Model: R32116158

Diameter: 37mm

Thickness: 10.3mm

Movement Type: Manual Winding

Movement Model: Rado R862

Case Material: Polished Stainless Steel

Water Resistance: 100 meters

The Rado Captain Cook Series showcases a distinctive casual style with its iconic 37mm diameter and retro-inspired design elements. The inverted bezel featuring city names, classic red date numeral at 3 o’clock, and box-shaped glass mirror add to its vintage charm. With a rotating bezel adorned with laser-engraved city names, this timepiece offers practicality and style for the modern wearer.

3.The Oris Aviation Series:

Product Model: 01 473 7786 4065-07 5 19 22FC

Diameter: 38mm

Movement Type: Manual Mechanical

Movement Model: Oris 473

Case Material: Multi-piece Stainless Steel

Water Resistance: 50 meters

The Oris aviation series embodies a distinctive casual sports style, drawing inspiration from classic pilot watches of the late 1930s. The Big Crown series watch features exquisite detailing, including rotor-less design for clear observation of the movement’s craftsmanship. With its retro-inspired design and superior craftsmanship, this timepiece is a standout in its class.


Super clone watches below 40mm offer sophistication, style, and functionality for discerning enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the elegance of the Longines sports series, the vintage charm of the Radar Captain Cook Series, or the retro-inspired design of the Oris aviation series, these timepieces are perfect for those seeking timeless style and impeccable craftsmanship.

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