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“Resembling Jaeger-LeCoultre and Patek Philippe? This $20,000 Longines not only boasts good looks, but also features enamel craftsmanship”

[Clock Technology] What is Longines? Longines is one of the three “pillars” of the Swatch Group (the other two being Omega and Blancpain) and is the 7th best-selling watch in the world (2022 data). More importantly, Longines is a brand that allows you to spend less and get more luxury watches. Longines Classic Reprint Series […]


Which “high-end” flyback chronograph watch should I buy with a budget of 100,000-150,000?

[Watch Recommendation] For watch enthusiasts who pay attention to chronographs, I believe everyone is familiar with the flyback chronograph. The so-called “flyback” function, simply put, allows you to instantly reset and restart the timing function by pressing the timing button once. Compared to the traditional chronograph that requires three repetitive operations to complete, the “flyback” […]


Three “Small Coil King” sports watches recommended, all under 10,000 yuan

[Watch Recommendation] The trend of sports watches has always been very popular. For watch enthusiasts, don’t you want to choose a high-cost performance sports watch for yourself? Today, I will recommend three affordable and high-quality sports watches for you, all priced below 10,000 yuan. Hamilton Khaki Navy Series H82525160 Product Model: H82525160 Domestic Price: 7,750 […]

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